Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Women In Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian women hmmmmm..... lets find out more! Did you know Ancient Egypt treated its women better than any other major civilization in the Ancient time? A women could become a Pharaoh in special circumstances, but otherwise they were equal as men. They could own property, sign contracts, be a witness in court etc. The clothing for women was more on the covered and modest side. The shawl or a sari like clothing was extremely popular in the upper class women. Also, they had the same obligations as men in religon. Now, lets talk about literacy in women. Some women did serve in temples but it might have not required reading and writing. In the Middle Kingdom they had a seshet or a female scribe, but it was not common at all. Daughters could inherit equally as their brothers, isn't that awesome? They could also write wills. So as you can see women had a great and equal life. Most things were equal in the society. That is how it should be.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

queen shanakhdakheto

Do you know who queen Shanakhdakheto is? Well, if you you dont let me just say that SHE WAS THE FIRST WOMAN TO RULE AN EMPIRE BY HERSELF. She ruled from 170 B.C. to 150 B.C. If you saw a statue of her she was usually standing in front of a smaller man that touched her crown. She ruled Kush empire for 20 years. When she is seen in art she is usaully standing next to a smaller male who touches her crown or ribbons ect. This statue from meroe belived to represent Queen Shanakhdakheto & a male member of her family giving her royal power. Most peolpe don't know how she got to her royalty status and her family connections are unknown.